About Janet Baldwin

Janet Baldwin, founder of Maui Healing Retreat, has over 10 years experience in providing a variety of holistic therapies and spiritual practices to her clientele. With certifications in an array of lineages, Janet’s healing arts, techniques and services include: Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Color and Sound Therapy, Feng Shui Consultations, Heart Healings, Men’s and Women’s Empowerment, and Teen Counseling. In addition, Janet is renowned for her psychic abilities, is a skilled Intuitive Channel, and a ten-year certified Reiki Master. Possessing a diverse ability to provide the tools necessary to enrich your life, Janet has mindfully positioned herself into a sacred space where she aims to help nurture the mind, body and soul. By supporting her clients to achieve personal growth and transformation, Janet acts as a guide for all of her clients to discover their most supreme, conscious state of being.

Learn more about Janet as a practitioner on http://www.soultransformation.com.

Soul Transformation

Janet Baldwin is the sole proprietor of “Soul Transformation,” located on the gorgeous and domineering Up Country slopes of Mt. Haleakala, Maui. Here she provides a tranquil space for all forms of personal and spiritual growth; and natural, holistic healing practices specifically designed to benefit the mind, body and spirit.

About Eve Hogan

Eve Eschner Hogan, M.A., is the Executive Director and Founder of the Divine Nature Alliance and co-creator of The Sacred Garden on Maui. She is .a keynote speaker, labyrinth consultant, relationship specialist and coach, and author. Eve has a Master's Degree in Confluent Education and a Teaching Credential. She works with individuals, couples, families, parents, teens, corporate groups and spousal programs, as well as schools, churches, spas, hospitals and retreats.

Eve possesses a rare and deep understanding of human behavior and is a true example of the principles she shares. As an inspirational speaker whose charismatic style captivates listeners, Eve ignites people's enthusiasm and joy for life. Her special interest is in helping people to discover their own inner resources, thus expanding their strengths, and life skills. She leaves her audiences empowered with the essential skills and tools to effect positive change in their lives.

Whether she is sharing tools and skills for improving relationships, enhancing your self-esteem, evoking your creativity or polishing your writing, working with Eve will be an inspiring and uplifting experience. Eve can often be found working in the garden. She is passionate about providing a space where people can experience peace and access their inner wisdom.

Labyrinth Consultant and Facilitator: Eve is a Certified Labyrinth Facilitator and the keynote speaker for Labyrinth Specialty Week at Rancho La Puerta Spa each year. She is available to provide both introductory labyrinth experiences as well as opportunities to discover deeper and richer facets of one's self. She has presented the labyrinth for the National Montessori Conference, Child Protective Services, The Labyrinth Society Conference, Golden Door Spa, PSI Seminars, CEO Space as well as, several colleges, schools and hospitals.

Eve has two portable canvas labyrinths and is available to present to your group or organization, or to train your staff on how to assist your clients on getting the most out of their labyrinth experience.

For more information on Eve, go to http://www.HeartPath.com.

The Sacred Garden on Maui

The Sacred Garden of Maliko is run and organized by the Divine Nature Alliance, a 501 (C) 3 public charity on Maui that is dedicated to peace, inspiration, rejuvenation, and education. Immediately upon entering the Sacred Garden, it is impossible not to feel completely immersed, and enchanted by the true essence of flora, fauna, and aloha. The faithful heart of this healing sanctuary is to provide a safe, comfortable and peaceful place to relax and decompress from all of life’s stresses and indecisions. 

Executive Director of the Divine Nature Alliance, and Co-Creator of the Sacred Garden of Maliko, Eve Eschner Hogan, has fruitfully created a restful environment that holds space for every faith, open to every spiritual lineage and practice. Within this nirvana-like setting, there is a beautiful 2-level indoor greenhouse adorned with an abundance of tropical foliage, deities, and words of inspiration. Adjacent to the lower level of the greenhouse is the “Buddha Garden,” where you’ll find a massive Balinese Buddha carved from Monkey pod towering over a quaint meeting space for meditation and educational gatherings. The “Mother Shrine Room” is a space to feel fully engaged in divine female energy from all lineages, and offers a quiet environment for one-on-one healing sessions, and endows as a dedicated prayer room for personal meditation. The Sacred Garden also offers two full-scale labyrinths that are open to the public from 10am-5pm daily.  Situated inside the greenhouse, there is a classical 7-circuit coral labyrinth with special words of love placed directly at the center point. Outside, underneath the canopy of a large Kukui nut tree, is a larger medieval style 11-circuit labyrinth that holds space for monthly full moon ceremonies. In addition to the overwhelming abundance of offerings provided by the Sacred Healing Garden, there is also a sweet little gift shop where you can “shop with heart and soul” through all of their inspirational gifts including; recycled glass wall hangings, spirit stones, locally handcrafted art and artisan goods, jewelry and special treats from all spiritual lineages. There is no doubt that a lot of love, and careful attention to detail has been provided to create and maintain this serene sanctuary of calm beauty.  

After an experience visiting the Sacred Garden of Maliko, you will be sure to feel the positivity and magnificence of Maui’s healing energy, contained in one big, loving, warm, green hug.