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Single Sessions

Browse through and choose from our individual sessions, listed below. You can enjoy your session at our Retreat location, located in
Makawao in the heart of Maui, or we can bring your session to you in your own accommodation for an extra fee of $75.
Session prices are: 1 hr: $175; 1.5 hrs: $225; 2 hrs: $300; 2.5 hr: $375; and 4 hr: $450.
For longer sessions please contact us directly. Additional guests are $75 per person, per hr.

Acupuncture is a time-tested system of medicine which takes a holistic approach to prevent, diagnose and treat disease. Acupuncture works to restore balance physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Your acupuncture session will be with one of our best, master practitioners on Maui, and will provide a powerful opportunity for healing during your stay on the island.

Session Duration: 1 Hour or 1.5 Hours

The healing benefits of yoga are recognized by doctors, researchers and spiritual leaders alike. But starting a practice can be daunting! Whether this is your first experience with yoga or you have been practicing for 30 years, our seasoned yoga practitioners will guide you through a rejuvenating session, custom tailored to your current skill level. Embark upon your yoga journey or bring your practice to a whole new level with the support of Maui’s warm, tropical environment, and clean, alkaline air.

Session Duration: 1 Hour or 1.5 Hours

Confusion and uncertainty drain our energy and keep us from moving forward in our lives. This session is designed to help you obtain clarity on your current life situation and give you tools to maintain this level of clarity when you return home. Through guided imagery, life coaching and other practices, your practitioner will assist you in making aligned decisions and mapping out the next steps of your spiritual journey.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Through a potent combination of healing gem stones and crystals, sounds and music, your practitioner will help you regain joy and vitality by balancing your chakras. When the chakras are congested or out of harmony, your vital life force is unable to freely circulate, resulting in distress, disease and lack of mind/body integrity. Conversely, when the chakras are uncongested, energy, creativity and vitality can flow.The techniques used in this unique session will help your system find that perfect balance for ultimate mind, body, and emotional healing.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Restore balance to your body, mind and spirit with the assistance of Gemcombs. Gemcombs, combs made of various semi-precious gemstones, assist the process of transformation in both subtle and powerful ways when combined with relaxation and meditation. Clear electromagnetic pollution, ground your energy, and strengthen your ability to combat radiation. The gemcombs will be used to release pain and harmful thought patterns from your energetic field.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Take an adventure of the Spirit in one of Maui’s most beautiful nature spots. Explore our lush and varied rain forests or world-renowned beaches with a practitioner who will guide you in awareness practices that tap into the depth and power of the present moment. Designed for any fitness level, this guided walk or hike will be an unforgettable experience that will help you cultivate mindfulness and presence anytime, anywhere.

Session Duration: 2-8 Hours

Our Transformational Massage Therapists offer massage like you’ve never experienced before! This unique massage technique offers a rare opportunity to rediscover and reinvent the way you inhabit your body. Unlock the body’s restrictive patterns by stretching and mobilizing the muscles and joints while breaking up fascial adhesions and releasing the deep muscle locks that restrict full range of motion.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours. Singles or Couples

Many of us have learned to disconnect from the wisdom of our hearts, cutting us off from our powerful, inner wisdom. Without the navigation system of our heart in tact, it can be difficult to make decisions and take action in a way that serves our highest good. Tap into the high awareness of your heart as you discover and release blocks that are preventing you from accessing your subtle inner voice and experiencing joy.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Want to return from your retreat feeling vital, vibrant and full of energy? Allow us to deliver delicious, healthy organic meals right to your door! Spend your precious time on Maui experiencing all it has to offer while we ensure you are satisfied, well nourished and feeling your best. Daily or Weekly Meal Plans Available.

If you are looking for a more authentic relationship with yourself and others, this session is for you! Dive deep into your inner landscape as you identify and begin shifting negative self-talk and other behaviors that cripple your sense of confidence. Deepen your understanding of yourself and your loved ones so you can cultivate compassion and understanding for all.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Celebrities and health practitioners alike are touting the health benefits of fresh, organic fruit and vegetable juices. Allow us to deliver the vitality of these juices right to your door for the ideal start to your day or for a full juice cleanse experience. Cleanse toxicities, fully nourish every cell and watch as you begin to glow, energize and feel better than you have in years! Daily or Weekly Juice Cleanse Options Available.

Why do we call these facials “magical?” Because they are! Indulge in our most popular holistic facial which includes cleansing, steam, deep exfoliation, extractions, transforming massage of the neck, shoulders, décolleté, face, arms, and hands. Receive a customized mask and finish with an application of finishing serums, creams, eye and lip products, and sun protection. Walk out with glowing skin that looks and feels as if it has been touched by a magic wand!

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

A brilliant combination of psychic interpretation and energy work gives you a deep truthful insight into your future as you experience a physical and mental transformation. Start with any questions you have about those here or deceased; or any situation you need to resolve, and progress into the most amazing energy work you’ll ever experience.
Scientists, doctors, business executives, professional athletes, and spiritual teachers alike are touting the benefits of meditation; which include increased vitality, productivity, reduced stress, and living a more present and joyful life. But getting started can be overwhelming and frustrating! Allow us to ease you into the powerful practice of meditation by guiding you through several meditation practices that can be easily learned and then implemented in your daily life.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Wouldn’t it be amazing to return home from Maui with a clear plan for finally ending your struggle with weight, low energy, and food/stress related health challenges? Allow our compassionate Holistic Health Practitioner to custom tailor a plan, just for you, that addresses not only your food intake, but also your lifestyle preferences and stress management techniques — all vital elements in your overall health! Return home with your prescription in hand and take the first steps toward a body you are excited to be in and health that emanates from within.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Let us welcome you to your retreat experience with true Aloha Spirit! In your first session, your practitioner will walk you through the components of your personalized retreat, explain the process of personal growth and lasting change, and help you create powerful intentions that will set the tone for your entire retreat experience. This session will “set the stage” for your deeply transformative retreat experience.

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Take a simple yet profound artistic journey designed to expand your inner vision and open your heart. Equally enjoyable for couples and individuals, this process involves the choosing of evocative images from a lavish array of pictures collected from magazines and other sources. As you cut out, rearrange and assemble these images into intuitively pleasing arrangements, you will begin to witness the budding relationship between your fresh, new images and your inner landscape. Without consciously thinking about it, you will begin the gentle process of gathering your inner parts from the deep well of your experience, giving them voice, and elevating them to the realm of the sacred.

Session Duration: 3 – 4 Hours

Tai Chi is a Chinese exercise system that uses slow, smooth body movements to achieve a state of relaxation for the body and mind. An ancient practice, Tai Chi is now becoming widely recognized as an effective system for massaging the internal organs, aiding the exchange of gases in the lungs, helping the digestive system become more efficient, increasing calmness and awareness, and improving balance. Experience Tai Chi during your retreat with one of our seasoned practitioners and receive skills and tools to continue practicing when you return home.

Session Duration: 1 Hour or 1.5 Hours

Remove the veils between you and your guardians! Through this intuitive reading, you will receive direct guidance from your own guides and get answers to specific questions that you have about your life. This session will help you make sense of your current reality and enable you to confidently make new choices, if needed. Our practitioner follows the reading with energy work to clear any obstacles you may have, enabling you to fully step forward on your path with greater clarity and insight.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Many consider the dormant volcano, Haleakala (House of the Sun), to be the Heart Chakra of the World, making it a potent destination for connection and manifestation. Haleakala stands 10,000 feet high in the midst of the Pacific Ocean offering unbeatable vistas and a haunting silence that stirs your soul. Pele, Hawaii’s Fire Goddess and the one responsible for the creation of the islands through her volcanic activity, is honored atop Haleakala. Whether you opt to hike or simply meditate at the summit, you will leave this session with a deeper sense of connection to all that is. Opportunities range from beginner to advanced fitness.

Session Duration: 4 – 8 Hours

The Healing Catalyst approach is used to bypass your mind’s resistance, enabling you to go into the calm eye of your emotional hurricane – where healing happens. Through deep, direct access to your specific physical, mental and emotional challenges, you are provided the opportunity to release long-held traumas and blockages. This work is a sophisticated blend of many different bodywork and healing modalities, intuitively orchestrated.

Session Duration: 2 hours

Through specific techniques and movement, the healing secrets of China are revealed one slow, gentle movement at a time. Qi Gong encourages the free flow of energy throughout the body/mind systems. Your practitioner will also use “sacred sound” to move “stuck” emotional energy and transform it to a free flowing, healthy condition. You will depart this session with a daily practice you can use for self-strengthening, raising awareness and healing.

Session Duration: 1 Hour – 1.5 Hours

Synthesize what you have learned and experienced on your retreat so you can maintain your new sense of strength and clarity at home. Your practitioner will help you “connect the dots” and create a plan for implementing the tools, practices and skills you have learned into your everyday life. Learn the secrets of creating lasting change so new habits and patterns of behavior can emerge — ensuring that your retreat has long-lasting, positive effects on your life!

Session Duration: 1 Hour

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a powerful healing tool that can help you release traumas, fears, grief, anger & any “stuck” feelings in your life. Our practitioners will help you understand the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual communication system within your being and give you multiple tools so that you can navigate through your world with more ease, fulfillment and joy!

Add a fascinating touch to your relationship, as well as your time on Maui! This session offers an excellent foundation for beginner to advanced levels of intimate transcendental communication. You will share a quality experience; moving energy, learning new things and feeling the peace and sublime sensitivity of the ancient healing art of Tantra.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours or 2 Hours

Capture your new sense of power, happiness and self-love with a Goddess Photo Shoot! Your photo shoot will start with a playful adornment of YOU from our very own “Goddess Closet.” Exotic jewelry, hair pieces, scarves, bindhis and other accouterments will help you exude on the outside, the essence of your inner transformation. We will also give you hair and makeup tips that will help you take this new look home, if you wish! Next, spend 30 minutes on your professional photo shoot, at a gorgeous natural location with our talented and loving photographer. Receive all final images edited and retouched on a flash drive with reprinting rights for you to keep. Share the precious gift of these memories with loved ones or reserve these keepsakes as your own personal reminder of your transformational journey here on Maui.

Session Duration: 1.5 Hours

Our astrological readings are aimed at providing emotional and psychological support for deep healing, growth and transformation. Through an Evolutionary Astrology lens, you will gain key insights into your soul’s path – where your soul has been and what you are here to learn and discover in this lifetime. This reading will help you reconnect to the voice of your inner wisdom, empower you in your gifts, find harmony in your relationships, and liberate your Divine potential.

Session Duration: 1 Hour or 1.5 Hours

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