Our Practitioners

Gloriana ~ Biofield Tuning Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher

Gloriana had been helping her clients find their voice, gain greater clarity, relieve stress and improve their health since becoming a Reiki Master in 2015 and a Biofield Tuning Practitioner in 2017. Gloriana has a judgment-free and centered approach to life and wellness and a deep understanding and appreciation for the fact that every life is unique. Gloriana’s approach is based on the understanding that our energetic field holds the keys to freedom, to no longer being bound by the scars from hardships such as trauma, pain, illness, and inter-generational suffering. As an energy mentor, in person or through distance sessions, I look forward to working with you to clear and lighten your field, as well as offer self-care and self-growth tools. You have it in your power not only to heal, but to flourish!

Heather ∼ Plein Air Painting

Heather is an artist well versed in several artistic mediums with a passion for helping others discover their creative talents. By approaching painting as a meditation and an exercise in mindfulness, Heather helps clients open up to the possibility of using art as an emotional outlet or a source of deep relaxation, even if they have never picked up a paintbrush before.


Jasmin ∼ Author, Mudra Master and Healer

Jasmin is an author, mudra master, healer and the creator of the Akash Khi Mudra Science for meditative healing and enlightenment arts. She pioneered modern metaphysical awareness in publishing two works: “Holographic Meditation: The 12 Elixirs of Life”, and “Akash Khi Alphabet.” Jasmin has been doing healing work and teaching healing courses and seminars in Hawaii and nationwide for over 15 years. Experience the amazing mudra healing touch. Akash Khi energy healing rapidly calms and quiets the thinking mind inducing a lucid dream-like, meditative state, similar to a ‘yogic dream.’ This enables you to totally relax, go within, connect to the source and tap into the self healing powers of your subconscious mind. While in this restfully alert, nourishing, restorative state, amazing healing and spiritual breakthroughs can happen. Akash Khi melts away stress and suffering and restores balance and harmony.


Jeana ∼ Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner and Spiritual Teacher

Jeana is a native Hawaiian Lomi Lomi practitioner, committed to perpetuating her culture through the healing arts. She has been practicing bodywork for 18 years and is an international instructor of Lomi Lomi massage and spiritual teachings. Jeana is a licensed Massage and Physical Therapist and has studied Hawaiian Healing and cultural education on a broad spectrum. Hawaiian Elders and Masters within her own family and beyond have blessed her in bringing this ancient wisdom forward.

Jenifer ∼ Holistic Health Practitioner, Transformational Coach, and Nutritional Addiction Recovery & Mental Health Counselor

Jenifer is a health and wellness expert who inspires others to take their health in their own hands. She brings years of experience, a wealth of knowledge, and a passion & zest for healthy living to all she does. Drawing on these skills and knowledge, she teaches clients how to heal their body & mind, and to make lifestyle changes that produce lasting results. She thoroughly enjoys every opportunity she has to help people on their life journey and strives to help people ‘eat to live and live to love.’

Jennifer ∼ Energy Balancing Bodywork

The long and winding path of personal healing, practice and inquiry has given Jennifer a deep trust and reverence for our amazing human potential.  Her gift for translating the messages of body and soul empower and encourage others on their unique path of wisdom and healing, addressing the challenges of common experience with uncommon compassion, intuitive insight and skill.  Trained and certified as a yoga teacher by the American Viniyoga Institute, Jennifer began teaching movement, yoga and meditation 30 years ago, but it was not initiated into its true depth until she was led to Viniyoga after a yoga injury 25 years ago.

The guidance and training she received for her own rehabilitation inspired her to continue to explore the healing and creative potential of the Yoga tradition. She has also led retreats and trainings here on Maui and abroad, sharing the healing and empowering gifts of Yoga, Meditation, and Healing Bodywork. She offers an extraordinary blend of modalities and the deep experience of 30 years in a heartful and nurturing style, and synthesizes her knowledge and training as a Massage therapist, Health Educator, Intuitive Counselor and Yoga and Meditation instructor, weaving a personalized healing and transformational experience of profound relaxation, healing, and harmony.

Juliet ∼ Healer and Mentor

Juliet has been passionately involved in the healing arts for the past 28 years. She is a sensitive healer and mentor and is dedicated to Mastery of the Soul. Clients drawn to work with her are on a path of self-growth, ready to step out of their old patterns & clear the way for divine purpose to be achieved for others. Juliet has literally given thousands of healings over the years and is adept with piercing sight to see, feel and hear the needs of each individual. Juliet spent ten rigorous years studying and practicing mystery school arts in Australia, where she committed to freeing the soul through dedicated practices, devotion, great personal sacrifices and deep surrender. She knows well the level of commitment and dedication it takes to relinquish what keeps one’s soul from thriving. She mastered multiple healing modalities and broadened her mystical understanding during that time.

Karen ∼  Ayurvedic Massage Therapist

Karen have been inspired by Ayurveda for well over 15 years, starting with yoga studies in 2002, which introduced her to several vedic sciences. She learned specific Ayurvedic treatments following her qualification in massage in 2005 in the UK. Karen’s yoga therapy diploma in 2007 incorporated Ayurveda into yoga practice through in depth studies.  Her six years spent in India from 2007 gave her plenty of opportunities to study with traditional Ayurvedic practitioners and yogic masters. While in India she began studying and growing Ayurvedic healing plants. When Karen arrived on Kauai in 2013, she set up an Ayurvedic herb garden for a retreat center. Alongside this, she worked as a therapist in the beautiful TriHealth Ayurveda spa which gives treatments in the Keralan tradition.

Karen ∼ Office Manager

Karen has lived on Maui for over 40 years. During this time she has been a graphic artist, professional photographer, an assistant scientist at Haleakala Observatory for 10 years, and a Waldorf early childhood teacher for 14 years. She has 2 daughters and considers being a mom her greatest joy. Karen is dedicated to her work and brings a diverse set of skills to help support the Maui Healing Retreat team.


Kecia ∼ Aquatic Therapy

Kecia is an Aquatic Therapist, Watsu Practitioner, Marine Biologist and Educator. Her passion for water, wellness and expansion of consciousness bring unique and beautiful possibilities for an awakened experience in the water realm. Her compassion, sensitivity and knowledge create an atmosphere of safety, trust, and the ability to move through limiting concepts into a deeper relationship with the water, the nature spirits, and the higher self.

Water is a powerful element and a beautiful “medicine” used as a source of healing, cleansing, transformation and expanded consciousness. She offers warm water Aquatic Therapy Sessions, Ocean Water Confidence Sessions (specializing in those who are timid of the Ocean and want to break through any fear). She also offers fun waterfall & hiking adventures all over Maui as well as swim, snorkel, SUP, and kayak lessons.


Kira ∼ Reiki and Dance/Movement Therapy

Kira is a Reiki Master and dance/movement therapist who brings over 18 years of professional services to her clients. Building upon her training and expertise in dance movement therapy, she also blends Reiki with the creative arts. Plant medicine, crystals, sound, affirmations and intuitive guidance are gently used in combination to release mental, emotional, spiritual and physical blocks. Reiki is a transference of therapeutic energy that soothes, calms, and brings a sense of peace on all levels—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. This powerful practice comes from an ancient healing tradition. Give yourself the rejuvenating gift of Reiki Healing Touch, performed by a Maui Reiki Master!

Kristen ~ Transformative Massage

Kristen has been practicing as a LMT on Maui for 24 years, working in spas, medical offices, and in private practice. She finds her joy and strength through movement, dance, nature, and bodywork. Her foundation is Lomi Lomi, a Hawaiian massage based on rhythm, breath and prayer, Deep Tissue, and therapeutic Sports massage. Her specialty is a whole body massage that, like the water in the tide pools, bathes the muscles and washes through all the small places, awakening the senses and bringing awareness to the body, incorporating stretches and breath, ultimately leaving the body and spirit feeling integrated and whole.

Each session is catered to the individual needs and preferences of the client. With a background in dance, yoga, and athletics, she has a deep awareness, intuition, and understanding of the body, movement and energy. With knowledge of body mechanics and injuries she helps to alleviate pain, scar tissue, and body patterns. She can also assist the client with appropriate corrective exercises and stretches to maintain optimal movement and pain reduction. With intuition and empathy, she is sensitive to the physical and emotional needs of the individual, leaving their body and spirit feeling relaxed, released, and rejuvenated, having experienced a truly transformational massage.


Kyra ~ Chef, Yoga Instructor, Cooking Instructor, Wellness Coach

Kyra is a health ninja: a plant-based chef, yogi, wild-crafter, nutrition master, and all around lover of life. She sees food as a way to share her soul with the world, as she believes that through food we learn about spirituality, science, history, and our own unique bodies. Her goal is to inspire others to respect and LOVE the food they put inside of themselves, and to diminish the dogmatic judgement attached to health food advocates. She is the co-owner and founder of More Pleaze, and works as a raw food chef, yoga teacher, and special events caterer. She has a Le Cordon Bleu degree from California Culinary Academy, a Wild-crafter Certification from Earth Medicine Institute, is a RYT from Mangala Yoga, and is currently working towards a Holistic Nutrition Consultant through Hawthorn University. She lives on Maui with her little dog Goji Bear and spends her time off chasing waterfalls, doing chaturangas, and hunting lilikois.

Larissa ∼ Emotional Freedom Technique, Intuitive

Larissa specializes in life path, love path, trauma healing and empowering you to live the life that you want to be living, authentically. She utilizes powerful modalities based in spirit and science to assist you in healing, finding clarity and empowering yourself to move forward in your life in ways that you may have only imagined. You will literally be tapping in to the trapped thoughts, emotions and energies within yourself to find total clarity. She uses her gifts of clairsentience & channelling, along with her keen awareness of the intricate mechanisms of trauma, addiction, stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs, to help you clear patterns that have plagued you for far too long on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level, and she’ll assist in aligning you with an easier, more joyful, more fulfilling life. It’s sure to leave you lighter, clearer and excited about moving forward, with all the tools you need to do it!


Lasensua ~ Aromatherapy

Lasensua offers an experiential & educational session teaching you how to utilize essential oils for long lasting results for optimal health & wellness in your life. She is well versed in aromatherapy, which involves using fragrant plant based essential oils to treat physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual ailments. These gifts of nature can soothe your soul while healing, releasing, relaxing and rejuvenating you. During each session, you will explore over 20 essential oils, inhale their aromatic fragrances, learn the many ways to apply and use them, and also discuss any health/wellness issues that may be addressed with essential oils.

Laura ~ Professional Recovery Coach & Neurofeedback Therapist

Laura is certified as both a Professional Recovery Coach and as a Neurofeedback therapist specializing in the treatments of ADD, ADHD, related anxiety issues, depression, trauma, addiction and eating disorders.  Living on Maui connects Laura daily to a deep appreciation for her own recovery.  “I’m the best version of me here.  I feel centered, grounded and in alignment.  This state of being is what Laura strives to help others achieve.


Lehua ∼ Life Coach and Massage Therapy

Lehua will help you energize, focus, clarify, strategize, and implement these behaviors into your life. She uses a broad range of tools to help you bridge the gap between your heartfelt desires and what you are experiencing in your daily life. Her massage and bodywork style is focused on integration of the mind, body, and spirit. She loves to offer the most relaxing experience possible, whether it be a traditional Swedish based oil massage that may include Deep Tissue and Reflexology, or a more subtle treatment with clothes on, that may include Syntropy, Reiki, and Lymphatic Drainage. All coaching and massage sessions will include the use of Floracopiea essential oils if desired, as these plant-based medicines have so much to offer us in feeling grounded and energized!

Lilia ∼ Transformational Kinesiology

Lilia has enjoyed 29 years of experience working with people and helping them enrich their lives. She has been a certified Transformational Kinesiology (TK) Practitioner for 18 years and is certified to teach TK. She has also been a certified counselor in the state of Hawaii for 26 years, specializing in addiction. She speaks fluent German, French, Greek, and conversational Spanish.

Linda ~ Lomi Lomi Massage Practitioner and Body Worker

Linda began her interest and studies in natural healing, diet, yoga and health care soon after her arrival on Maui over 40 years ago. She begin her studies with Reflexology, Color Therapy and Polarity Therapy with Stanley Burroughs (author of Vita Flex and The Master Cleanser). She moved to the Big Island of Hawai’i to accept apprenticeship and extensive training with world renowned healer and teacher, Auntie Margaret Mashado where she learned the traditions of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage and Hawaiian Healing Techniques. Linda completed a 3 year course in Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hawaii and continued her studies in Beijing, China where she completed extensive courses in TCM and Medical Qigong. Her work in Hawai’i has included a continued private practice in various massage therapy techniques including Swedish, Acupressure, Deep Tissue Massage, Hot Stones and Spa Treatments. She has worked in clinical environments with medical doctors, naturopaths and chiropractors doing Clinical Massage treating soft tissue, trauma and spinal injuries. Her life’s work and spiritual practice has been to use her skills and intuitive counseling in assisting the client to recognize the choices through mind, body and heart that will continue to expand into new opportunities.


Liz ∼ Wellness Guide and Personal Chef

Liz is a wellness guide and personal chef, helping individuals create a gratifying, healthy and flourishing relationship with food. She believes that our ability to enjoy a positive experience with what we eat is directly related to our ability to listen to our body and be guided by it’s cues. Focusing largely on methods of cultivating intuitive awareness, and accessing the wisdom within, a session with Liz awakens our potential to look no further than our self for the answers to health and facilitates the weeding out of what is getting in the way of doing so. She is incredibly passionate about consciously satiating the body and helping to understand the role food and eating play in both our physical and emotional well-being. Enthusiastically committed to her own self work, Liz is dedicated to sharing her discoveries and gifts with others.

Martin ∼ Bring forward the Ancient Wisdom of Astrology, Palmistry, and Kundalini Yoga

Martin has over twenty years of experience in the healing arts, astrology readings, palm readings, and kundalini yoga. The readings are from a Buddhist perspective, utilizing the concept of the evolving spirt over the span of many lives. Astrology and palmistry are tools of ancient wisdom that help one discover more about themselves and their specific life lessons. Astrology is one of the best tools for helping one understand the timing of these life lessons. Yoga technology is one of the best tools to discover self-healing: healing is an individual right, not a miracle. Martin balances out life by wearing the outer garment of society in his professional life, while wearing the inner garment of spirituality in his daily practice.

Melissa ∼ Mindfulness Meditation

Melissa is a Mindfulness Teacher, Retreat Leader, and Diversity/Inclusion Consultant who has earned Masters Degrees in Computer Science and Engineering as well as Counseling Psychology. She supports individuals and groups in integrating the left brain and right brain to live balanced and happy. Melissa has completed mindfulness trainings from Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D., Bob Stahl, Ph.D., and Shauna Shapiro, Ph.D., plus numerous certifications. She has led mindfulness workshops at many Silicon Valley organizations, including Google.

MeShell ∼ Adventure Guide & Driver

With a Bachelor of Science Degree in Recreation, MeShell has managed wellness centers and recreation programs; she sold her event planning business, called “The Fun Director,” to move to Maui. She is currently a travel director and works with corporate groups coordinating their dining, activities and transportation. She has been a professional exercise instructor, personal trainer and hike guide for over 20 years, working with an international clientele for cruise lines, Club Med, resort hotels, and country clubs. Her passion is to introduce visitors to the amazing adventures that are available when on Maui.
MeShell is a professional driver with Uber, Lyft and Aloha Maui Limo.  She drives private clients for airport transfers, errands, dining, shopping and more.

Miki ∼ Life Coach and Educator

Miki is a life coach and an educator from Japan.  For over 25 years, she has guided people to discover their hidden potential and express their authenticity. Her compassion and presence serves as a catalyst for the people she works with to be brought into themselves. As a Zen practitioner, tea ceremony practitioner, and artist she brings meditative centeredness into action and being. Her essence is grace and clarity. Clarity through Life Coaching and Gene Keys. Grace through Tea Ceremony, Meditation, and Zen Art.

Naomi ∼ Healing & Tantric Temple Arts

Naomi has devoted her life to personal growth and evolution and supporting others on their path to awakening. She has been walking on the medicine path for her entire lifetime, and has over 25 years of training & experience as a healer and worked with over 60,000 people in her professional career.
Naomi is a Relationship Coach, Master Teacher of the Healing & Tantric Temple Arts, Evolutionary Alchemist, Spiritual Advisor, Ceremonial Priestess, Master Bodyworker & Womb Shamaness. She is also the Creatrix of Wise Womb Medicine Path which is School for the Temple and Healing Arts sharing the Medicine of Mother Earth, Divine Wisdom & Spirit with women around the world – teaching through experiential embodiment and deep personal healing how to be wisdom keepers of the medicine path.


Natasha ∼ Intuitive Astrology and Spiritual Guidance

Natasha is a modern Mystic who bridges ancient cosmic knowledge with contemporary counseling tools to facilitate profound healing and awaken inner wisdom in her clients. Devoted to the path of deep soulwork and transformation, she is passionate about guiding others to uncover their true authenticity and potential. In her practice, Natasha combines her subtle understanding of human psyche, keen intuition, and compassionate counseling skills to provide optimal support to her clients. Her readings are intimate, direct, insightful and profound, aimed at activating deeper awareness, releasing inner blockages and empowering the transformative growth process of each person she works with.

Nathaniel ∼ Personal Fitness and Consciousness Transformation

Nathaniel (“Nate”) is a self-taught individual versed in the languages and disciplines of philosophy (formal metaphysics, epistemology and theology), psychology, chemistry, and nutrition. He has had over 12 years of hands-on experience in the fields of personal training, weightlifting, strength training, calisthenics, proper bio-mechanics, and overall sport training. His main motivation and goal in life is to assist in transforming and evolving the current global consciousness, which recognizes ego-separation and intellectual-power as the be-all, end all, into a collective consciousness, where universal principles are perceived as being the true laws of existence, and where the majority of human beings have both a healthy sense of unity consciousness (Oneness) and individuality consciousness (Uniqueness). Ultimately, he hopes to be a catalyst to an emerging world that recognizes that humans and all life are but differentiated bits of a unified Divinity, yearning for self-transcendence and self-actualization, i.e., an awakening world of peoples dedicated to serving and helping each other “walk” the path of never ending enlightenment.

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