Feng Shui for your wealth and prosperity

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We could all use a little extra cash in the ol' wallet. How can we use feng shui to improve our financial health? As we mentioned in our post about improving relationships, you should divide your house or office into nine equal spaces in accordance with feng shui principles. Now, let's take a look at [...]

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Mary is an Inspirational Speaker, as well as the author of “Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food,” a graduate of the California Culinary Academy, Nam Singh’s Academy of 5 Element Nutrition and Cooking with Chinese Herbs, Eliot Cowan’s Plant Medicine Training, and Clayton College of Nutrition. She studied with several teachers in herbalism, [...]

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Feng Shui for your relationship

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The art of Feng Shui originated in ancient China and has been in practice for thousands of years. Today, I'll be talking about some of the principles of Black Hat Feng Shui. Every area of your house relates to an area of your life. There are nine equal areas in Feng Shui practice: career, travel [...]

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Geof is an intuitive medium, published author and educator. It is his passion to promote the expansion of our consciousness, the continuity of life, the laws of nature, intuition and mediumship so that we may heal and discover a greater sense of contentment, joy and peace. As a medium and intuitive, Geof can provide you [...]

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