Maui Hana Drive

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Hana, Maui is like another planet. You can almost feel yourself slipping away as you enter the jungles of Maui along the twisting, narrow road that's famous to tourists. Some folks get there and ask, is THIS it? Hana is a feel, not a place. I recommend that you sleep one night to get the [...]

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Time for your personal retreat

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Take that personal retreat that you've been putting off for so long. I've been taking personal retreats for the last ten years to keep myself well-tuned, and let's face it, sane. I'm a working mother of two and give of myself all the time to friends, husband, family, community… you get the picture. Every retreat [...]

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Feng Shui for your career

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Back for another Feng Shui tip of the month. Let's talk about your career corner. This area stands front-center on the 9 piece square. Ideally, this will be your front door, making it easy for the "Chi," or energy, to come into your house. First, you want to look at your house from the street [...]

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