Healing Retreats on the Rise in Maui, Hawaii

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Maui, Hawaii – March 28, 2013 — “People from all over the world seek retreat centers as stress release outlets. A personal retreat can be just what the doctor ordered—literally,” says Janet Baldwin at Maui Healing Retreat. Household chores, dashing to pick up the kids, eating when life allows, and staying up [...]

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When is it time to take a Maui Retreat?

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When is it time for a retreat? Since the beginning of time, humans have been asking themselves this very question. Thousands of years ago, it might have been a retreat from a sabertooth tiger, but the motivation is the same. When life has gotten out of balance and you just don't know where to turn [...]

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The Rise of Feminine Energy

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Women moving into their power is what I see most in my practice currently. The tides are changing for the feminine to be in balance with the masculine. We all waited for the big shift of 2012, and for some, it was anticlimactic, since we didn't get taken up in spaceships or have a giant [...]

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Maui on my Mind

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Maui has been my home for thirty years. One of the questions that's been frequently asked of me is, "Do you ever get tired of living on an island?" The answer is no... Maui chose me, as it does for anyone staying any length of time. We locals see many people who want to move [...]

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Why Maui?

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"Why Maui?" is the question I was asked this week. I want to give a few pointers on why I think Maui is an amazing island on which to vacation or live. When I first landed on the islands thirty years ago, the very first sensation that literally hit me in the face was the [...]

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