Finding the Right Crystal for You

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I had a client ask me what kind of crystal she should buy. That's a little like going to the candy store and trying to pick the best one piece of chocolate. I use my crystals like tools of the trade, so for me, I like to "feel" the energy of the crystal. I am [...]

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Time Flies

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Isn't it crazy that we are almost halfway though 2013? Is it my imagination, or is time moving faster? It seems like yesterday that I was stuffing the turkey and hanging those stockings. I know that the whole time thing is a mystery onto itself. I have heard it said that in the spirit realm, [...]

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The right island for you.

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What is the best island in Hawaii? It really depends on your reason for traveling. If it's the nightlife, shopping and culture you're looking for, then you want to head to Honolulu. If you're seeking an quiet inner journey, then Kauai is your island.  Need some grounding and space? Then the Big Island would be [...]

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Changing Times

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Do you need a break? I know I do. Have you noticed that people are a bit "crazy" these days? We can blame it on the planetary alignments, or we can blame it on what we had for the breakfast, but the truth is that there's not just one thing that is setting our human [...]

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