Couples retreat

3  Day Relationship Retreat

Needing a reboot in your relationship? Seeking better communication skills? Ready to clear out the old, and find a new way, a new path and better skills, that bring you towards the happiness you seek and deserve. Let us help you learn to transform your current relationship, to heal yourself and your partner. You can commute to one of our Maui Healing Retreat Centers, located in the heart of Maui.

Pricing for this 3 Day Relationship Retreat package for two is $1,875.
Accommodations offered separately. 


3:00: Check into our Retreat Center
3:00-3:30: Unpack and settle into your accommodations
4:00-6:00: Orientation & Clarity Coaching

Let us welcome you to your retreat experience with true Aloha Spirit! In your first session, your practitioner will walk you through the components of your personalized retreat, explain the process of personal growth and lasting change, and help you create powerful intentions that will set the tone for your entire retreat experience. This session will “set the stage” for your deeply transformative retreat experience.


Clarity Coaching: Confusion and uncertainty drain our energy and keep us from moving forward in our lives. This session is designed to help you obtain clarity on your current life situation and give you tools to maintain this level of clarity when you return home. Through guided imagery, life coaching and other practices, your practitioner will assist you in making aligned decisions and mapping out the next steps of your spiritual journey.

Dinner at your accommodations or a nearly restaurants (not included)


9:00-11:30: Soul Spirit Adventure

couple-bchTake an adventure of the Spirit with your loved one in one of Maui’s most beautiful nature spots. Explore our lush and varied rain forests or world-renowned beaches with a practitioner who will guide you in awareness practices that tap into the depth and power of the present moment. Designed for any fitness level, this guided nature walk will be an unforgettable experience that will help you cultivate mindfulness and presence anytime, anywhere.

Great outdoor activity created for each individual couple.

11:30-1:00: Lunch at your accommodations or a nearby restaurant (not included)
1:30-3:30: Cultivating Harmonious Relationships

Relationships create the foundation of our life experience, and the harmony or disharmony we feel in our relationships impacts every aspect of our lives! This session provides the opportunity for you to become clear on your deepest relationship desires and teaches you skills for magnetizing those relationships into your life. Also learn how to make subtle internal shifts that will positively impact the relationships you have now.

4:00-5:30: Individual Sessions can be added here
6:30-7:30: Dinner at your favorite restaurant (not included)


8:00-9:30: Individual SessionsAdd-on a yoga session or guided walk here as an additional session.
9:30-10:30: Breakfast and Shower
11:00-1:00: Spirit Self-Discovery

If you are looking for a more authentic relationship with yourself and others, this session is for you! Dive deep into your inner landscape as you identify and begin shifting negative self-talk and other behaviors that cripple your sense of confidence. Deepen your understanding of yourself and your loved ones so you can cultivate compassion and understanding for all.

1:00-2:00: Lunch
2:00-3:30: Single Sessions can be added here
4:00-5:00: Integration

Synthesize what you have learned and experienced on your retreat so you can maintain your new sense of strength and clarity at home. Your practitioner will help you “connect the dots” and create a plan for implementing the tools, practices and skills you have learned into your everyday life. Learn the secrets of creating lasting change so new habits and patterns of behavior can emerge—ensuring that your retreat has long-lasting, positive effects on your life!

  • Additional days and sessions available by request.
  • All sessions offered at one of our Maui Healing Retreat Centers.
  • Practitioners can travel to your accommodations for an additional $85 fee.
  • Accommodations offered separately.
  • Juicing and Food packages available.
  • Additional Single Sessions available.
  • Request more information.
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