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Care for yourself with the Half Day Personal Retreat

Half Day Personal Retreat

Our Half Day Retreat Package includes 3 Sessions and offers a taste of going inward, slowing down, and taking time for yourself. You will be commuting to one of our Maui Healing Retreat Centers, located in the Heart of Maui.


Pricing for this Half Day Retreat package is $675.00
Accommodations offered separately. 
12:00-1:30: Clarity Coaching

Confusion and uncertainty drain our energy and keep us from moving forward in our lives. This session is designed to help you obtain clarity on your current life situation and give you tools to maintain this level of clarity when you return home. Through guided imagery, life coaching and other practices, your practitioner will assist you in making aligned decisions and mapping out the next steps of your spiritual journey.

1:30-2:00: Break
2:00-3:30: Heart Awareness Meditation

Scientists, doctors, business executives, professional athletes, and spiritual teachers alike are touting the benefits of meditation which include increased vitality, productivity, reduced stress, and living a more present and joyful life. But getting started can be overwhelming and frustrating! Allow us to ease you into the powerful practice of meditation by guiding you through several meditation practices that can be easily learned and then implemented in your daily life.

3:30-4:00: Break
4:00-5:30: Intuitive Guidance and Energy Clearing

Remove the veils between you and your guardians! Through this intuitive reading, you will receive direct guidance from your own guides and get answers to specific questions that you have about your life. This session will help you make sense of your current reality and enable you to confidently make new choices, if needed. Our practitioner follows the reading with energy work to clear any obstacles you may have, enabling you to fully step forward on your path with greater clarity and insight.

  • Additional days and sessions available by request.
  • All sessions offered at one of our Maui Healing Retreat Centers.
  • Practitioners can travel to your accommodations for an additional $75 fee.
  • Accommodations offered separately.
  • Juicing and Food packages available.
  • Additional Single Sessions available.
  • Request more information.

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