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Know that you no longer have to please anyone, and you no longer need to "fit in." You are only required to be you. When you are "authentic," you love peacefully, passionately, and free, you will inspire others around you. When you live in this way you unfold into your liberated self, full of untamed [...]

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Keanianileihuaokalani, Healing Blood Stone of Wai’ihiawa

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Aloha to all that love and appreciate Keanianileihuaokalani, the healing stone of the district of Wai’ihiawa, erroneously identified as Wahiawa. It is no wonder why this town has not prospered. The sloppy spelling and pronunciation is an affront to the Na Ali’i Kupuna, the ancient royalty and elders of this district. Keanianileihuaokalani has been lying [...]

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The Ohia Lehua Tree

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The Ohia Lehua Tree has been sacred to the Hawaiian people since ancient times, and is often mentioned in legends, hula, songs, and chants.  Native Hawaiians used to make a medicinal potion out of the Ohia Tree’s bark and leaves. It was meant to spark a strong, passionate, inward fire to grow, bloom, and rejoice [...]

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Hawaii: The Vortex (by In La’Kech)

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Hawaii is one of the most potent and active power places in the world. Each Island has it own unique energy and flavor. Some say the Hawaiian Islands are the Chakra system of the planet, each of the seven major Islands representing and resonating a different chakra. Whether this is true or not, certainly the energy, [...]

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Take care of yourself, so you can take on the world!

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Thinking about whether Maui Healing Retreat is right for you? Here's a real review from one recent customer. One of the best decisions I have ever made was to say yes to self-care and planning a healing trip! Janet understood exactly what I needed at this point in my life and the program she put [...]

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Fight cold and flu season with Elderberry Syrup!

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'tis the Season! Don't let colds and flu get you down this New Year. I have been using Elderberry syrup in our family for years. This is one of those oldie-but-goodies from Grandma. Elderberry Syrup Treats: Colds and flu Directions: Follow the instructions on the label. Azarelli recommends Honey Gardens Apitherapy Elderberry Syrup, but advises that it [...]

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A Couple’s Reconnection

By |2016-11-12T03:52:05-10:00November 21st, 2013|Relationships, Retreats|

Maui Healing Retreats, Couple's Reconnection from Nokaoi Lifestyle on Vimeo.   The Relationship Retreat is your opportunity to strengthen your communication skills and emotional intelligence for yourself or with a partner. We focus on challenging situations within relationships and provide the tools and support needed to move you through difficult decisions. You will finish the [...]

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A Personal Journey

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Maui Healing Retreats "Personal Journey" from Nokaoi Lifestyle on Vimeo. Make time for a personal journey and plan a specialized Maui Healing Retreat. We offer Health and Wellness, Healing, Relationship and Spiritual Awakening retreats all planned around your specific needs.

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Your Introduction to Maui Healing Retreats

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Maui Healing Retreats, Introduction from Nokaoi Lifestyle on Vimeo. Maui Healing Retreats consist of one-on-one sessions between the participant and the practitioner such that all the material is individualized specifically for you. The process begins with your initial phone call and gathering a sense of what you want, what you are currently going through, your [...]

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