Retreats have become essential for us these days. Retreats offer us the solitary peace that we have been denied of by ourselves. One of the best ways to embark on a retreat is to go for a Hawaii retreat. Hawaii is known for its spiritual practitioners and pristine beaches. The second largest Hawaiian island, Maui is home to the Maui healing retreat center. The Maui healing retreat is a retreat center, which helps you rejuvenate body, mind and spirit. The Maui retreat offers spiritual retreat, couples retreat and health retreat in Hawaii at modest prices.

The spiritual retreat is the specialty of the Maui retreat. The Hawaii retreat offers a seven day spiritual awakening program, which will definitely rejuvenate the spiritual feelings among you. The Maui retreat is established by Janet Baldwin, who is a trained energy worker, a healer, a mystic and a psychic. The spiritual retreat includes Gemcomb healing meditations, body-mind-spirit yoga, heart awareness meditation, heart awakening and healing, intuitive guidance and energy cleaning. The Gemcomb healing meditation is an essential part of the spiritual retreat as they help clear electromagnetic pollution and release pain and harmful thought patterns from energy fields. Body-mind-spirit yoga is essential in all the Hawaii retreats including the couples retreat and health retreat in Hawaii. The healing benefits of yoga are already emphasized upon by scientists, doctors and spiritual leaders all over the world. The yoga practitioners in the spiritual retreat will guide you to a perfect yogic lifestyle and help you rejuvenate. The couples retreat holds a very special place in the hearts of previously disconnected couples. If you are a disconnected couples and want to reboot your love affair and revisit the old times, the couples retreat from Maui retreat is the best solution for you. Apart from romantic dining at the pristine beaches of Maui, the Hawaii retreat offers soul spirit adventure and cultivation of harmonious relationships. The couples retreat has a specialty of soul spirit adventure, which involves a guided walk or hike along the lush and varied rain forests or world renowned beaches. The couples retreat guide or Maui retreat practitioner would accompany you to help you rekindle the lost love. The Hawaii retreat has created great outdoor activities for each couple. There are health retreats in Hawaii, which are known to be the signature of Hawaii retreats. The Maui healing retreat also has health retreats in Hawaii. The health retreats in Hawaii include guided beach walk or yoga, heart awareness meditation, nutrition and lifestyle consultations and body-mind-spirit yoga. Along with the Maui retreat, you get a chance to explore the beautiful island of Maui. You can stay at any place and come to the retreat center at the designated time or can stay at the beautiful accommodations provided by the Maui healing retreat as well. The Maui retreat is made of experienced practitioners and they also offer to travel to your accommodation in Maui for an additional charge of $75. The Hawaii retreat offers customization to the existing packages to suit your needs.

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