Maui Healing Retreat offers an uplifting evening of transcendental entertainment where healing happens effortlessly.  Hidden in the Haiku rainforest, a beautiful luxury home filled with candle light and magical aromas invites you to enjoy a crystal bowl symphony (sound bath) performed live with up to 30 crystal and brass Tibetan bowls.  This is followed by a deliciously healthy gourmet meal.

The evening starts with pupus and your choice of beverage to gently bring you into our retreat atmosphere.

Then you are invited to lie down on a yoga mat in a comfortable position to relax for the next hour.  Our sound bath symphony takes you on an incredible inner journey promoting deep relaxation, as you absorb the pure harmonics from these sacred bowls.

It’s as if your whole subtle body is being gently massaged in deep vibrational energies; dancing without moving. Chakras are opened and energetic blockages in your psychic body released.  You leave one type of reality and enter a sublime state becoming one with the sound.

You are held in a safe and nourishing environment expertly guided by our experienced therapists.

Then you are gently brought back to real time to enjoy a delicious organic healthy gourmet meal outside on our lanai under the stars.

The evening nourishes the senses on every level to provide a truly magical healing experience.

No towels necessary!!

For information and bookings:  email [email protected]

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