As mentioned earlier, I went to Sedona for a retreat. It was the single most transformational event of my life. Words cannot express the depth of the healing and breakthrough that occurred. Being in the healing arts for many many years and working on “my stuff”, I felt that I was pretty darn good. Well, I am here to tell you that there were shadow sides of myself that I never knew that existed. The retreat that I went to was a cleanse paired with yoga, meditation, walks, sacred journeys, saunas, and healing session with amazing practitioners to move stuck energy.

Is your soul calling for a retreat from life? Do you need clarity into what is next? Or is your energy just low? Do it for yourself. I did, and now I have a renewed passion for my life, relationships, and purpose.

Contact me if you’re interested in the retreat on Maui or Sedona. If you’re not able to commit to such a journey just yet, you can take just two days of “retreat” in your own home town. I can give you tips for this as well.

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