Back for another Feng Shui tip of the month. Let’s talk about your career corner.

This area stands front-center on the 9 piece square. Ideally, this will be your front door, making it easy for the “Chi,” or energy, to come into your house. First, you want to look at your house from the street or curb. Are there any obstructions? Is your front door clearly marked? You never want a single large tree right by your front door. Most Feng Shui rules are not so strict or offer a remedy, but in the case of a large tree, you’re better off cutting it down, or if that’s not possible, moving. Sounds harsh, I know, but let’s face it, most of us value our career.

Other enhancements are created by placing a wind chime, nice welcome mat, or fresh potted flowers by the front door to help with the invitation into the home. I even like to turn my front door light on during the day. It’s important to use your front door, even if it’s not always the most convenient. If you can place a fountain with the water going into your home, that’s a real bonus, as this area is represented by the water element, or black. If nothing else, clear the debris, cut back the shrubs, and have it well-lit to create the best energy for your life’s journey, career, and business success.

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