I love this photo because it reminds me of when I think I have everything totally wrapped up and perfect and then, Wham! Out of nowhere, I can get knocked off my center.

It can be something really dramatic such as a car accident, or a simple as an argument with my teen. Either way, when you’re “in it,” it can appear larger then life. As I mentioned in my last post, I recently returned home from a retreat, and one of the most important tools that I took away was the importance of breath. Sounds so simple, but it’s one of the most transformational tools we have, and it’s free. You can perform it in a yoga or meditation practice, or if you’re like me, just in free form. Take a deep inhale through your nose, hold, exhale through your nose, hold, and repeat three times. Voila! Like magic, you’re much better. Now, maybe your car will still be broken, or your teen stamps off in a huff, but I can guarantee that your outlook will be better able to deal with any situation.

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