Article by Michelle Baldwin.

The Ayurvedic healing system uses the 3,000 year old philosophy that healing is a full body experience where the mind and the body come together in equal partnership. The philosophies of Ayurvedic medicine teach us that when the mind, body, and spirit are properly aligned, balance comes into our life and restores health to our bodily systems. Maui Healing Retreat utilizes a component of Ayurvedic healing known as kitchari to restore proper nourishment back into the body for a vibrant and balanced life.

Kitchari cleansing (kitch-a-ree) is a healing soup that is gently formulated with mung beans and rice along with other ingredients to restore proper nutrition back into the body. The soup itself is meant to calm the intestinal track and relight the ‘angi,’ or fire, in the belly. In Eastern Ayurvedic teachings, proper health and nutrition begin in the digestive tract. Kitchari cleansing involves a mono-diet that is easy for the body to break down and process with each day targeting a specific organ.

The idea behind giving the body easy to digest foods is that it allows our energy to be spent elsewhere. If there is sickness or disease accumulating in our systems, our bodies need extra energy to eliminate these potential health aversions. Each ingredient in the soup is designed for a specific healing purpose. Alkalizing Mung beans are recognized as strong blood-purifying agents, while the various spices found in kitchari are used to boost digestion, clear skin, and promote energy. Each day of your cleanse will target a different organ to enhance its productivity and function for full energy and life-long vitality.

Maui Healing Retreat has paired up with Ayurvedic cleanse experts, certified nutritionists, and holistic healers to bring the highest quality ingredients and experience to our retreat guests. Each cleanse is selectively built around the needs of our guests, ensuring that you receive only the best care during your stay with us. Get ready to experience what it means to have total body alignment!

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