By Karen “Kalyani” Burt

I was recently drawn to the concept of Laulima – when one of Maui Healing Retreat’s Lomi Lomi therapists,  Carl, told me about it from his Hawaiian healing lineage Kahuna (teacher):

“There’s a practice in Hawaii called Laulima.  It is the practice of the Aloha Spirit where we (a group working together, like family) all have a spiritual connection with each other – and with our land.  By working together like this, everyone experiences Aloha.  Raising the vibration by the generosity of Aloha, practicing the Presence of the Breath of God, with us, a group laying hands on someone with a health issue is Laulima.  You see at the center of the spiritual meaning of Hawaiian words “all is only one”.  Laulima is delicious.  It’s energy work in its least complicated form.  Laulima is quite miraculous, for it is actually the Divine Light’s intention for people to feel better. Remember in Laulima God is present. When two or more people gather God is there.  Laulima is not your energy, but God’s  ” Harry Uhane Jim 1

With a stirring of intrigue and familiarity, I researched some more.  I realized that I already experienced something incredibly similar years ago even though I had no experience with Lomi or Hawaiian healing. It is what arose naturally during one of the amazing healing sessions I was involved in during a yoga therapy training in 2007 in London. “Shakti” – we called it.  Grace being the container. Although this was based in Indian culture, it’s the same thing!

I even found reference to Laulima by the Hawaii Convention Center2, whose motto is “where business and Aloha meet”.  Reading their interpretation was a little less mysterious, yet enables the essence of the concept to be practically defined:

“The concept of Laulima can be applied to any goal and vision we have in any part of life.  Working together is imperative and success is found in the contributions of many hands working together.  Laulima embodies the essence of what it means to live Aloha.”

When applied to healing, Laulima is the universal healing principle of many hands working together in co-operation, love and harmony.  It is the natural flow of Aloha. In the Lomi tradition it works through the laying on of many hands on the recipient1. Hearing Harry describe a ceremony with his grandmother in her nineties on Youtube3 reminded me of the soul ceremony scene in the awesome film Avatar to save the scientist Grace.  All the Navi connect together and to Grace who is connected to the spiritual tree, connecting to the spirit of the land.  Energy is channeled from all those present to Grace to save her, if it is the will of Eywa.4

In the session I’d experienced, the observing students weren’t directly laying on hands on the recipient, although our teacher was, who had connected to spirit. We were surrounding the recipient, supporting the healing through intention and being clear channels for that amazing energy of love to flow through to the receiver.  Now hearing it from the mouth of Harry– I realized it was the same thing!!

In one session I was part of, we witnessed a huge transformation to the receiver right before our eyes as she released massive energetic blocks trapped in her body.  She had the intention to have a baby and felt blocked.  At 40 years old, she felt the pressure of the timeclock ticking and felt stuck.  She conceived within a short time after the session and gave birth to an angelic daughter the following year.

Many of us present in that powerful session became family in that moment with continuing connections transcending 3rd dimensional reality.  The spirit of working in love and co-operation and harmony runs deep.  In fact life took on a whole new dimension from being part of that session !!

Laulima – Many hands working together in the spirit of Aloha – in harmony, co operation and love with the spirit of divine grace.  To practice, establish a divine intention, asking for help and set a goal, gather your team.  Connect with spirit. Be guided by Grace.  Surrender as you are held and let the transformation occur.

The work of Maui Healing Retreats, natural embraces Laulima. Laulima literally means “many hands working together,” (lau-leaf, lima–arm) and it represents a pillar principle within the Hawaiian culture2. In the case of Maui Healing Retreats, it is the Aloha created by the healers working together within a sacred space with the intention of healing a recipient.

When a person signs up for a Retreat, they sign up for a series of healing sessions with Janet’s team with some of the best healers in the world. These healers have been drawn to the sacred space of Maui Island to live.

The Retreat opens up with an orientation.  This moment establishes the intention and goals of the receiver and connection to spirit.  Then over the next few days, various healing sessions take place.

While there is usually only one healer present in a single session, there is a common thread that runs between all of the healers working with the recipient.  The receiver is held energetically within the sacred space of the Retreat, surrendering to the stirrings that come up and trusting fully in the process of releasing and receiving for transformation.


Like so many amazing gifts from the Hawaiian culture, Laulima conceptualizes a spiritual healing principle that is universal.  Laulima is working with the healing life force energy for a goal established between the leader (facilitator) and recipient within a sacred container.  This is combined with the focused sacred healing intention of the group working in Aloha – harmony, co-operation and love with the spirit of divine grace to the recipient.  And in the case of Maui Healing Retreats, the intentions from the giver and receiver are very powerful, magnified by the sacred space of Maui, Maui Healing Retreat’s beautiful venues and the Aloha of the healers.  This is transformational work at its most divine.

As it applies today, we are all a vital part of our collective success… Laulima transcends into our work, family, social and economic behaviors.  Placing emphasis on Laulima in any situation will yield great benefits.  A`ohe hana nui ke alu`ia – No work is too big when shared by all.2


1Wise Secrets of Aloha: Learn and Live the Sacred Art of Lomilomi By Harry Uhane Jim, Garnette Arledge

2 Hawaii Convention Center Blog  Posted on September 3, 2012 by Sherry Pokakaa

3Harry Uhane Jim describing Laulima during a demonstration on the Big Island of Hawaii You Tube

4Scene from Avatar by James Cameron

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