Hana, Maui is like another planet. You can almost feel yourself slipping away as you enter the jungles of Maui along the twisting, narrow road that’s famous to tourists. Some folks get there and ask, is THIS it?

Hana is a feel, not a place. I recommend that you sleep one night to get the true effect of Hana. There is something about the nighttime in this altered place that can send shivers up your spine. The locals know what I’m talking about: the Mana, the magic. It is very masculine in energy. The people in “the know” put ti leaves on the back of their car as they drive back to town to keep the Hana spirits in Hana.

I recommend Camp Wainapanapa for a native camping experience, or the Hana Hotel for the luxury experience. But, really, anywhere in Hana is great!

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