I’ve lived on Maui for 25 years, and people always ask me: what are the best things to do here?

The Kula Lavender Farm always comes to mind. Located upcountry in the Kula district, high on the slopes of Haleakala at about 3,500 feet, you can take a tour of the farm while having scones and tea, shop in the store, or (my favorite) create a wreath at one of their targeted events.

The beauty and magic of this farm are inspiring. You feel like you’re walking in Grandma’s garden, and the staff are always so friendly and welcoming. If you’re going to visit, it is suggested that you make reservations in advance, as this is a popular tourist destination. For more info, visit their website at

PS: Remember to bring a jacket, as it can be much cooler up on the mountain!

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