Our Practitioners

Maui Healing Retreat offers Sessions with Hawaii’s most experienced Healers and Counselors. Each is dedicated and passionate about their field of expertise. This diverse group of individuals will guide and direct you with clarity and inspiration.
Janet Baldwin

Janet Baldwin ∼ Intuitive Channel and Reiki Master

Janet has ten years experience in the healing arts and her techniques include: Reiki, Intuitive Readings, Color and Sound Therapy, Feng shui, Teen Counseling, Heart Healing, and Men’s and Women’s Empowerment. In addition to her psychic abilities, Janet is a skilled Intuitive Channel, and a ten-year Reiki Master. Her beautiful upcountry “Isis Healing Temple” provides a tranquil environment for natural, wholistic healing practices designed to benefit mind, body and spirit.

Aakara ~ Soul Readings, Akashic Record Readings, Tao Wellness Blessings, Transformation Coaching

Aakara has been offering Soul Readings and Wellness Services for nine years. She has trained intensively with a world-renowned Dr. & Master Teacher. Her soul communication skills and the ability to see clearly by identifying root blockages, provide clarity, guidance, direction, and insight. She is able to not only offer in-depth authentic readings but to provide blessings to further empower a person on their life’s path. Her guidance and coaching can touch upon, relationships, health, work, finances, life’s purpose and more. She offer’s her services to clients in Hawai’i and globally.


Amanda ∼ Transformational Educator and “Freedom” Therapist

Amanda is a powerful speaker, heart-felt writer, and “bridger” for those interested in transcending the paradigm of fear to create “paradise” in their lives and on this planet. She helps her clients align to their highest potential and to infuse the sacred into all arenas of their life – business, family, relationships, and body. She has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology and is certified in Plant-based Nutrition.


Angela ∼ Lifestyle, Fitness, and Nutritional Coach, and Inspirational Speaker

A highly sought after lifestyle, fitness and nutritional coach to countless Hollywood moguls, models and celebrities like Tom Cruise, Jimmy Buffet, and Katie Couric, Angela knows exactly what it takes to achieve the most ambitious fitness and health goals imaginable. She is focused on helping individuals find the power and drive within themselves to do anything they desire. “People that are happy, healthy and fit on a regular basis are not born that way,” she explains. “There are patterns of success and failure in our own experiences that we can learn from. If we choose to be successful, we will be.”

Angela is also a gifted keynote speaker with a message that provides inspiration, motivation, direction and education from her personal and business experiences. She speaks to corporate and private sectors, including but not limited to local and national business groups, city and state government, all levels of schools, non profit organizations and charities, conventions, retreats, health expos, women led groups, and self help/empowerment conferences.

Ariana ∼ Yoga Teacher

Ariana brings her passion for dance, music and hula to her work. With this, she creates a moving meditation in rhythm, sound vibration and pranayama (breath work) to align heart, body and mind. Ariana grew up in the deserts of Arizona and New Mexico and moved to the island of Maui, where she was introduced to yoga. She has been practicing the art and life style of yoga for 10 years and is a registered yoga teacher (200RYT) with Yoga Alliance.


Beth ∼ Visual artist and creative workshop facilitator

Beth is a widely recognized visual artist and creative workshop facilitator who lives in Maui, HI. An honor graduate of Ringling College of Art and Design, she is adept at a variety of mediums, in a wide range of approaches. Combining her love of art and creative process with her deep appreciation for their power to heal, Beth offers clients much more than her impressive breadth of artistic knowledge and her infectious enthusiasm. It is also her personal authenticity and gentle guidance that makes a lasting impression on those who work with her. Simply put, Beth is someone that people intuitively trust. A popular visual journaling instructor and trained SoulCollage® facilitator, Beth has 30 years of experience as a ‘creative midwife’ for those who wish to explore their inner worlds and rediscover the magic of artistic play.


Bo ∼ Sea Life Adventure Excursions

Bo earned a Master of Science degree in Exercise and Sports Sciences from the University of Arizona and is certified to teach eleven different sports. He treats each as interconnected parts of a whole using the vehicle of sports as a microcosm for life. His philosophy of health and fitness is to make exercise fun and fulfilling. My passion is sharing the wisdom of sea turtle’s with those of us willing to open our hearts to their ancient wisdom.


Bonnie ∼ Naturopathic Medicine

Bonnie has worked in private practice for over seven years in Haiku Town as a Naturopathic Doctor, specializing in family-centered healthcare. Before coming to Maui, she specialized in homebirths, pediatrics and women’s healthcare for 22 years in Encinitas, CA.

As a Naturopathic Doctor, a mother and a grandmother, she feels a deep responsibility to speak up against anything in our environment that is harmful to us, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and our precious Aina— but most of all, to the children born and to be born for generations to come.

Carl ∼ Transformational Body Worker

Raised in an environment of art, philosophy and meta physics, its no wonder that healing the body mind and spirit became an adult interest and career path.
From studying naturopathy abroad in Australia, to attending top ranked massage programs in Hawaii and the mainland.
My interest in health has been lifelong and covered everything from diet, herbs and exercise to both esoteric and mainstream fields like sports medicine in physical therapy and osteopathic practices.
My love for the physical sciences had me replicate my excellent training in anatomy as an instructor in 3 small massage schools, while the insights offered by my Hawaiian teachers guided my practice into the sublime.
The sessions I offer are comprised of a synthesis of both these areas of study and produce a profoundly accurate treatment of the body and even greater care for the recipients goals of inner and outer transformation.

Caroline ∼ Somatic Movement Therapy, Expressive Arts Therapy, Family Constellations

Caroline is a registered somatic movement therapist, expressive arts practitioner, and artist. She uses various healing modalities to support emotional and physical health, personal growth, and a deeper relationship to yourself and to your environment. She brings an artistic and compassionate perspective to your healing process.

Caroline’s approach is rooted in the belief that the language of the soul speaks through the body, the imaginal world, and creative expression. She  works with individuals and groups and has been engaged in the expressive healing arts for 20 years. Caroline is a certified Tamalpa Practitioner, a movement based expressive arts therapy approach and works with ancestral consciousness through Family Constellation Therapy.  In her private practice, she specializes as a somatic movement therapist in trauma, depression and anxiety, grief and loss, chronic illness, life transitions, and generational trauma.


Chrissy ∼ Shiatsu Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Qi Gong Teacher

Chrissy is a dedicated yoga teacher, qi gong teacher and zen shiatsu massage therapist. Her foundational knowledge of therapeutic yoga alignment principles combined with her study of the meridians of Chinese Medicine gives Chrissy a unique understanding of subtle energy and how it moves through the body. Known for her intuitive and warm nature, each private session or class with Chrissy holds space for you to discover your inner teacher and healer and the wellspring of energy, wisdom and Love inside your own heart.

Christina ∼ Vibrational Sound Healing, Belly Dance

Christina is a certified Sound Healing Therapist through her master teacher Suren Shrestha and his Nepalese lineage of sound healers utilizing Himalayan sound healing techniques and Tibetan Singing Bowls. She has a great passion to serve others with her natural empathetic gifts and loves to see people living in their highest alignment… Harmonizing lives, through vibrational sound, active health and meditation. She values an open, safe and positive healing environment that is committed to inspiring others to shine their inner light. In addition to sound healing, Christina has been an avid dancer for over 20 years and specializes in the beautiful art of belly dance. She has studied with renowned Fusion Belly Dancer Rachel Brice as well as Mardi Love, Tamalyn Dallal & Zoe Jakes. Christina has a great deal of enthusiasm for helping women to celebrate their bodies, feel graceful & empowered and form a sense of sister-hood through sacred movement.


Danielle ∼ Nutritionist, yoga teacher, and wellness coach

Danielle is committed to changing the world, one grateful person at a time, by empowering clients to improve and maintain greater whole life health. Incorporating tools from her diverse background in yoga, Ayurveda, holistic nutrition, psychology and adventure therapy, Danielle’s gentle, direct approach awakens and clarifies each soul’s innate desire for authentic wellbeing. The foundation of Danielle’s work as a nutritionist, yoga teacher, and wellness coach is that each of us has unique needs based on age, season, activity level, health conditions, and life experience. Because there is no one right way to practice, eat or live for optimal health, Danielle guides clients to discover and implement wellness solutions that are realistic and effective for their individual needs. Her experience shows that when each of us takes personal responsibility for our own stuck patterns and ineffective behaviors, we create a ripple effect of positive change within our families, communities and environment. In this way, we can view taking care of ourselves not as a selfish act, but rather one of the greatest gifts we can offer. Danielle holds a Master’s degree in Holistic Nutrition, certification as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Counselor, and is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. Danielle teaches healthy cooking classes and leads transformational workshops, cleansing programs and retreats.

Danielle ∼ Yoga Instructor and Ecopsychologist

Danielle has been teaching yoga internationally since 2002. Her specialty is working with beginners and the flexibility-challenged; classes are gentle yet strengthening. Going at a slower pace, she will guide you in learning breath awareness techniques, basic alignment principles, and healthy body mechanics to practice yoga asana safely and effectively.

Danielle is trained in the Iyengar tradition and is certified as an interdisciplinary yoga instructor from the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica. She holds a BA in Philosophy from CIIS San Francisco, and an MA in Transpersonal Ecopsychology from Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado.

Denise ∼ Lifestyle Navigator and Meditation Instructor

Denise is a lifestyle navigator who teaches classes on personal growth and expanded consciousness, and brings a unique and timely approach to family and spiritual issues. She has been personally trained by Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. David Simon, and the Chopra Center for Wellbeing. She became a certified meditation instructor in 2002. Denise has been honored to deepen her practice by learning from other great teachers such as Wayne Dyer, Gangaji, Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg, Marianne Williamson, and her two children, Jenna and Kameron. She has taught and led meditations everywhere around the world from South Africa to San Diego, as well as at The Chopra Center in California and for NRI at the International Neuropsychological Society in Italy.

Deva ∼ Intimate Transcendental Communication and Healing Arts

A private session with Deva will add a fascinating touch to your relationship, as well as your time on Maui. She offers an excellent foundation for beginner to advanced levels of intimate transcendental communication. You will share a quality experience: moving energy, learning new things and feeling the peace and sublime sensitivity of the ancient healing art of Tantra.

Donza ∼ Transformation Body Work

Donza has been doing transformation body work through many different types of healing modalities for over 25 years. She is also a life coach, certified master trainer with Neuro Linguistic Programing (N.L.P.), certified in timeline therapy, Master Hypnotherapist, LMT, and Reiki Master. She specializes in anxiety disorders, phobias cures, rebuilding relationships & grief recovery.
Dr. Valerie

Dr. Valerie ∼ Global Naturopathic Physician, Shaman, Author

Dr. Valerie honors your courage to claim and embody your freedom to be yourself. Through empowerment rituals, homeopathy, nutrition, flower essences, nature, and art, you will remember that You Know More. You will stand in your power and walk with your greatest strength anchored in your core. Your passion will illuminate your path, and you will effortlessly share your magical gifts with the world. And so it is!

Elizabeth ∼ Life Coach

Elizabeth has always had a relationship with things unseen. She was inducted into Kahuna at 18, and continued her autodidactic pursuits at Harvard, curled around ancient tomes in a remote corner of Widner library. A wild and exotic animal trainer, she developed communication skills on a deep level, as well as an ability to work with energy. She uses her decade of training in the Peruvian shamanic traditions in combination with her international certification as a life coach to bring transformation by unlocking old stories to allow for moments of beauty and awe creating a life filled with delight.

Eva Hogan

Eve ∼ Keynote Speaker, Author and Coach

Eve possesses a rare and deep understanding of human behavior and is a true example of the principles she shares. Eve is an inspirational speaker whose specialty is helping people to access their own inner wisdom, achieve self-mastery and create healthier, more joyful relationships-whether with Spirit, a loved one, or with one’s self in the form of self-esteem. Her charismatic style captivates listeners, igniting people’s enthusiasm and joy for life. She leaves her audiences empowered with the skills and the tools to effect positive change in their lives.


Geof ∼ Intuitive Medium, Author and Educator

It is Geof’s passion to promote the expansion of our consciousness, the continuity of life, the laws of nature, intuition and mediumship so that we may heal and discover a greater sense of contentment, joy and peace. As a medium and intuitive, Geof can provide you with the opportunity of communicating with your departed loved ones and spirit guides. Geof also provides life readings to obtain universal wisdom and healing from collective consciousness to review several past incarnations that are relative and significant to your current incarnation. As an educator, Geof provides active learning workshops to develop your abilities of communicating with your loved ones and spirit guides and to establish an effective messaging system, chakra and energy healing, channeling your higher self, developing your intuitive abilities and meditation classes.

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