I am currently sitting on the beach trying to absorb the energy of the elements around me for the last few hours before I fly back home in a few hours. And next week I plan to sit down and write a review about my experience with you, but the reason I’m emailing you is more than just to say thank you. I have uncovered so much in these past few days that is so surreal, so amazing that I don’t even know anyone who would believe me if I told them.I don’t know if you remember during my reading when I asked about who my spirit guides were… but while you were telling me the angels I have protecting me, you said I also had a group of angels, something you had never seen before. Well, I found out who they are. You also told me that I was very intuitive and I need to trust myself and learn how to open up my intuitive abilities. And once I start doing that, things will start happening very rapidly.

Well, the experience I have had in the last few days is exactly that. I have started to connect the dots, and I actually received a clear sign when I connected the dots that let me know this really is the truth. But it is literally otherworldly. It’s so amazing I want to share it with someone, but I don’t think anyone would believe me, except you. […] I am just so amazed at my discovery and its literally greater than my imagination could ever wonder! […] You have been such a blessing to me, like I told you when I met you, I felt called to you for about the past year, but I never had the time or money to take the trip. And I finally just couldn’t take it anymore and said who cares, I’ll put everything on my credit card and just go! And now I know why… now I know that you had a message for me, and I literally feel like I’m bursting at the seams with all of this information, I have so much learning to do!!!

Thank you Janet, I am so grateful that you shared your gift with me, and showed me that I too have a gift, and I just need to unlock it!

Bobbie, Hawaii

One morning, I woke up knowing that it was time for me to change my life. A few weeks later, I was in Maui having this incredible life-changing experience. At Seabreeze, I felt like I was one-on-one with the Universe, and all my problems seemed to be so insignificant and far, far away.I had an amazing 8 days of spiritual retreat and one on one private sessions. All practitioners I met were highly experienced, helpful, caring, thoughtful, and knew exactly what I needed. Janet helped me to customize my sessions in a way that would benefit the most for my life situation. This was a truly life changing experience and the best thing I’ve done for myself! With each day and every session I felt closer and closer to my transformation in my thinking patterns and the way I approach life issues.

All my questions were answered. I feel so much lighter and free after releasing all past traumas and energy blockages I was holding inside all my life. The final session, “Issues in Your Tissues” with Donza, was especially great and helped me to clear the rest of the negative emotions and blockages stored in my body.

After this amazing experience, I have the tools I need to use in my everyday life to maintain a new level of clarity.

Kira, California

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful retreat package you had set up for me. This retreat was one of the best things I have ever done for myself. It was rejuvenating, relaxing, and insightful all at the same time. All the practitioners (Sophia, Hoku, Danielle, Lehua, and Eve) were caring, intuitive, informative and so willing to help me on my journey. The places where my sessions were held, whether it be at the Sacred Garden or Lumeria, were wonderful beautiful backdrops for such revealing sessions.

There was so much information that I could apply to my daily life…whether it be meditation techniques, applying the healing properties of crystals, improvements on thought processes, self care rituals, and calming or inspiring spiritual techniques. The couples retreat was very informative for Viet and I as well. We were able to learn valuable communication skills as a couple. There was so much to be learned and to apply to my/our life. It is a work in progress but a worthwhile one.

Thank you endlessly and mahalo for an unforgettable experience!”

Cam, California

“Thanks so much, Janet, for the amazing reading! Super perceptive, extremely helpful, lots of wisdom! Your graciousness and fabulous energy combined with your accuracy and insight are such a gift – I can’t recommend you highly enough! Will definitely be connecting again soon. With heartfelt appreciation…”

Lauralyn, California

“This retreat was definitely a GODsend. Janet knew exactly what was needed for me and was able to work within my budget. After telling her “my story” she planned out an itinerary for a one day retreat with two amazing practitioners. She shared with me things that I could do on my own as well to make my trip to Maui the best it could be. Heart healing is what I needed and my experience is really beyond words. I can say that I left Maui “different” than when I came. I am lighter. The HEAVINESS is gone. I grew wings in my heart and am feeling free. I think I carried every “bad” experience I had in life in my heart and was not in a good place. The retreat helped me to LET IT GO and forgive myself and move on. THIS is the place that can change your life. Maholo Janet.”

Sandra Marvel, Eau Claire, WI

“We had the Best Experience Ever, The Best Vacation Ever and Lindsey and I are both much better for the experience. This will always be remembered as “The Vacation that Changed our Lives” (for the better!) Thank you so much for all your work coordinating our visits with all of the awesome energy workers and suggesting the Fantastic restaurants (Mama’s Fish House & Halimaile General Store).”

Tom, Seattle

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